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The Spanish Verb Jugar\n\n You played with toys, friends, and teammates. The Spanish verb jugar means 🌟 to play,  exclusively when referring to playing a game or sport. (If you are talking about playing an instrument,🌟 there's another verb for that in Spanish: tocar.)
(to play for money)-to gamble. Synonyms for jugar. apostar. to bet. aventurar.

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The BO3 Zombies Deluxe Editions comes with everything you need. ALL zombies maps, season pass, base game,🌈 and so on.
One of the best black ops games to come out. Very good zombies mode🌈 with the addition of custom maps. Multiplayer is dead but if you have friends to play with its a blast!🌈 Would recommend even if its just for the zombies!

slang. to cause to have a particular bias; influence in a certain direction. His assignment was to💲 spin the reporters after the president's speech.
1. the act of making thread or yarn from fibers or💲 filaments. 2. the act of fishing with a rod that has a fixed spool, a light line, and light lures.
SPINNING definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
collinsdictionary : dictionary : english : spinning

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It's very scary, but not that graphic; occasionally a character will get shot or harmed by another,📉 but most of the violence in The Terror comes from nature: dying from a great fall, for example, or being📉 frozen alive.